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26 Aug - Interviews

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Anna Glover

Anna Glover’s distinctively decorative textiles are something of a sensation. Since founding Anna Glover Interiors in 2013, she has won an Elle Décor British Design Award for ‘Best Use of Print and Pattern’ (2015) and a completed a string of stunning collaborations. This September, Anna’s collaboration with Drummonds will be revealed at Decorex 2016. She discusses the hidden depths of ‘Heritage Escapism’ as well as her wider influences with us on our blog this week.

Anna Glover Interview

Can you talk us through your design and print process?

All designs start with hand painting, usually in gouache or watercolour. The images are then scanned and manipulated on the computer. This allows a complex layering of motifs, texture, and photography within the design work. The artworks are brought to life on a variety of different surfaces using digital printing techniques.

Anna Glover Interview

Do you have a signature style, and how would you describe it?

Playful yet sophisticated. There is an important balance between tradition and cutting edge technology.

Anna Glover Interview

The theme we have chosen for our Decorex stand this year is ‘Heritage Escapism’, what does this mean to you and how has this translated into your designs?

‘Heritage Escapism’ conjures up a beautiful, surreal place. It’s atmosphere is calm with a strong sense of nostalgia. It is a somewhere captivating that you can slowly explore again and again.

The design concept invites visitors to imagine a surreal underwater ruin? an opulent space one filled with exotic objects, now submerged and occupied by sea life and coral forms.
Jewel tones of emerald are offset against powdery neutrals and brass fittings, whilst flashes of plaster pink and Persian red add warmth. This sophisticated palette balances classicism with a sense of the exotic.  Detailing and colour is influenced by Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, whose balanced dialogue form and materials are echoed in The Manufacturing Room. Moulds used in the manufacture of taps take on unexpected organic, coral­like qualities, and give visitors a glimpse into the unseen process of production.

Anna Glover Interview

Do you have a personal favourite part of the design you have created?

The little shrimp on the moon.

Anna Glover Interview

Is there something, or somewhere, you would like to design for that you have not had the opportunity to do so yet?

I am looking forward to my next project as I will be branching into the commercial sector with a series of silk wallpaper screens for a members club in Mayfair. Previously my projects have all been for residential properties so I am looking forward to approaching the design work from a different perspective. In the future I would like to pursue this area further with work in boutique hotels, bars and restaurants.

Anna Glover Interview

Who are your all­-time favourite designers, and how do they influence and inspire your work?

Although there are many designers I respect and admire it is very difficult for me to single them out as I draw on so many different visual references for inspiration.

I have an ever evolving collection of art, fashion, nature and science images. I gather them, digest them and let them naturally blend and feed back into the work. Often the combination of influences are unexpected as a result of this.
There are however references I will always go back to that never fail to teach me something new. These tend to be masterpieces in Indian miniature painting or Japanese woodblock printing

Anna Glover Interview

Complete this sentence – Home is…

Ideally, a complete sense of ease and contentment.

Find out more about Anna Glover on her website, and come and see her designs for yourself at Decorex 2016. Find us at stand D20.