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15 Aug — Products, News

New Product | Custom Made Shower Enclosures

Drummonds now offer bespoke shower enclosures, combining superior brassware manufacturing and classic bathroom design.

The freestanding Spittal shower is a striking solution for any customer looking to create an elegant and truly unique bathroom design.

Drummond’s custom-made shower enclosures are truly spectacular and are created according to our concept of the ideal luxury shower. The brass columns are strong and stylish, following the same design as our towel rails, and cast using the traditional lost wax technique. The pronounced knuckle joints are a special feature, the shower door closes against a magnetic strip and the simple, and elegant door handle completes the chic and simple look.

The shower enclosures are shown in three different guide shapes; L-Shapes, U-shaped and the Straight enclosure. Simply give us your dimensions and we can design one that works for you.


Most shower fit into the corner, this allows you to maximise space from the shower and is calculated to your dimensions.

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A most stunning way to create a spacious showering area within your bathroom space,  this 3 sided enclosure will look majestic in any bathroom, or for that matter in any fitting room or bedroom as a ingenious way to create a wet space in any room to enjoy a relax and a shower.

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Perfect for any recessed area, with a central door that can be hinged either way, this straight run creates a dramatic shower area entrance.

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For further information on our shower enclosures please visit our website or contact in our London showroom on 0207 376 4499.