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3 Oct — Products

Products | A Guide To Our Bath Finishes

We get a lot of questions from you about our extensive range of bath finishes…

Can I get my bath painted to match my wallpaper? Do you offer a traditional copper bath?

The answer to all these questions is yes! These questions, as well as any others you may have, will be answered in this guide.

The first step to choosing a bath is to choose the shape of the bath itself. When you have made this decision, you will be prompted to choose from 5 options: Raw, Primed, Painted, Polished and Clad. With the exception of cladding, each finish we offer is available across our full range of baths.


Choose this option to leave the exterior of the bath in the raw cast iron state in which it came out of the furnace!  We apply a coating to seal the iron in order to prevent rust and then do nothing else.  Raw baths are dark in colour and rough to the touch, a smart piece for any bathroom but ideal for an industrial feel.

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A primed bath is polished by hand to a specific grade and then treated with a hard primer finish that creates a perfectly smooth surface, ready for painting. The colour appears grey because this is the colour of the primer we use. Choose this option if you would like to paint the bath yourself.


Choose this option if you would like us to paint your bath for you. We can paint in any Farrow & Ball colour. The full colour palette is available here.

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Our polished finish is created by polishing the bath to the finest grade to reveal the shine of the cast iron beneath its raw outer layer. This process takes one skilled foundry worker up to fourteen hours to complete, polishing until the bath is perfectly even and smooth to the touch. The process reveals the pitting in the cast iron, a natural after-effect of the handmade casting process which is unique to each bath cast. It is treated with a lacquer to protect and maintain its high shine, preventing damage and rust.

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We offer metal cladding on our Tay and Usk baths. Clad baths are created by wrapping the cast iron exterior in pure sheet copper or brass which can be brushed, lacquered or left natural to age and develop its own unique patina. A clad bath offers the luxurious look of a metal bath but with the durability and quality of cast iron.

The Copper Tay cast iron skirted bath tub

Every one of our baths is finished by hand, so whichever options you choose you will be soaking in a unique Drummonds piece

See our manufacturing page for a video showing something of the expertise and precision involved in creating each of our handmade, cast iron baths and their finishes.