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30 Sep — Products, News

Products | How We Named The Naver Basin

Naver Basin

Each unique Drummonds product has its name taken from the waters, rivers, lakes and seas of Ireland and the British Isles.

The Naver, our classic china vanity basin takes its name from Loch Naver, one of Northern Scotland’s most beautiful, fertile lochs. The loch also feeds the river Naver, which flows eighteen miles North, to the top-most point of Sutherland.

Naver Basin

The Loch

The six mile long loch is actually quite small by Scottish standards, definitely more appropriately basin sized than bath! The loch has been designated as a Special Area of Conservation for its abundance and quality of Atlantic salmon. For this reason the river Naver it feeds has been kept free from unnatural flow modifications, which would disturb the salmon’s migratory patterns. It also allows for the natural beauty of the area to remain undisturbed.

Naver Basin

The Mouth

The mouth of the river, on the north coast of Sutherland is a fabulous natural beauty spot. Torrisdale Bay features a fabulous mile-long beach, with soft, golden sand and breath-taking waves that encourage hardy surfers from miles around.

Torrisdale Bay area has an abundance of history including ancient cairns, hut circles, enclosures, cists and even a Castle! Not far away, the Strathnaver museum also holds a fascinating collection of objects which tell the story of life in the North Highlands, from prehistoric to more recent times. The Museum’s collection is held within an artefact itself, the old parish church at Clachan, which is listed by Historic Scotland for its regional architectural importance.

The Naver and the Strathnaver are steeped in beauty, history and tradition; these same qualities in our vanity basin make ‘Naver’ the perfect namesake.

For more information on the Naver and it’s attractions as well as other things to see and do all over Scotland, see the Visit Scotland website.