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6 Sep — Products

Products | Under Development

No matter what the product, the process of developing is always slow.
From concept, drawings, changes, molds, samples and the final finished product there are many hurdles to cross.

We are pleased to have pushed a great deal of new products through over the last year and have these coming into line over the next month.
It takes us 18 months to develop a china product and like the well known quote…we can’t rush this.

So a sneak preview – the double vanity unit below is nearing completion. We will work on the packaging, pricing and finishes available soon, but have a look:

Products Under Development
Products Under Development

For something so simple (you may think) it is very well designed. Made with the same dimensions as our standard basin stand, it is designed with our towel rail joints and made to be more substantial.
We like products that look like they will withstand anything and this is no exception…

We like moving towards a new feel, and this vanity unit has a great stand built into it, each item is screwed or slotted into the next, very well fitted and very durable.
We have to design a new cast just for the central joint, the legs as well are new and there is some great detailing that goes into it.

Products Under Development
Products Under Development

We are going to keep pushing new products, we have also been sourcing some great marble to work with and we are pleased at this progress… small steps all coming together.
Decorex may have some of the kit, or it will be in our showroom around the corner.
Stay tuned….