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25 Mar — Inspiration

Style | Inspired Under Basin Solutions

Dreaming of de-cluttering in your bathroom? Before you start discarding your lotions and potions, instead consider how you could store them better. By tucking them away out of sight, your bathroom can be beautiful without being bare!

The basin cabinet is the classic way to utilise valuable under basin storage space. Choosing something designed specifically to fit the dimensions of your basin, like the Syre basin cabinet, is the best way of ensuring you get the maximum use out of the space available to you.

However there are many basins for which a cabinet is not the solution, it breaks up the beauty of the undulating brass and detracts from the classic look. It can also make the bathroom feel smaller and more cramped. By carefully selecting baskets, bowls and other smaller storage pieces to go under the basin unit you can store effectively whilst also adding style.


Wicker Baskets

A beautiful way to add a natural touch to your bathroom scheme, wicker baskets can be made from many different kinds of reeds and grasses for different tones and textures.

Image from House of Bath

Image from HK Living


Consider decanting your bathroom products into prettier bottles, or store other bathroom essentials like cotton buds inside them.

Image from Restoration Hardware

Natural Materials

Shells are perfect bathroom ornaments but can also be used as a beautiful, natural bowl.

Other Materials

Add a touch of creative flair to your bathroom with ceramics or wood.

Image from Vincent Van Duysen