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28 Oct - In The Media

The Martin Brudnizki Collection |

Reviewed by Modernize

The Martin Brudnizki Collection for Drummonds was launched in September 2015. Kaitlin Krull of Modernize offers her review of the collection in full.

When it comes to bathrooms, we at Modernize know that creating a beautiful, luxurious space is often easier said than done. While the intricate details of traditional Victorian bathrooms seem to corner the interior design market, some homeowners would rather add a more crisp and contemporary style to their bathrooms. The Martin Brudnizki collection at Drummonds takes traditional bathroom design and turns it upside down in order to create modern pieces that are every bit as luxurious as their Victorian counterparts.

Contemporary Design Aesthetic
Traditional and modern product design come together in the bathroom fixtures introduced by Swedish-born interior architect and designer Martin Brudnizki in his newest Collection for Drummonds. This collaboration marks the first project from Brudnizki’s new London-based product design studio ‘&Objects’ and is a departure from the traditional style of a Drummonds luxury bathroom.

Like most modern bathrooms, the Brudnizki collection boasts crisp, sleek lines and bold, simplistic design while maintaining a classic, luxurious feel. All four of the Brudnizki pieces featured in his Drummonds collection define modern luxury by combining traditional and contemporary styles to create one-of-a-kind, bespoke pieces.

The Tyburn natural stone bath tub

Tyburn Bath

The Tyburn bath is perhaps the centrepiece of the Brudnizki collection with its freestanding frame and rounded edges. Rather than a detailed, decorative Victorian-style claw foot and other ornaments, the Tyburn bath boasts the clean lines and rounded edges loved by contemporary designers, as well as an asymmetric interior. Also a departure from the classic Drummonds bath design is the use of composite marble casting instead of the traditional enamelled cast iron. With all these differences, it may seem on paper that the Brudnizki Tyburn bath might not fit into the Drummonds family, but by respecting the traditional freestanding bath design and adding a modern twist, it is sure to become the new classic bathtub design.

The Double Ladybower Vanity Basin in nickel finish

Ladybower Vanity Basin

The Brudnizki Ladybower vanity basin is a trendy, modern design masterpiece with its exposed brass fittings and white marble basin. The luxury version of the rustic industrial style currently coveted by many homeowners, the Ladybower vanity basin boasts a simplistic, exposed frame and stripped back design. What this basin has with regards to form is matched by its function: the exposed unit allows for ample storage underneath the basin, while bent towel rails ensure that hand towels hang at just the right angle without falling off. This basin, although practically screaming luxury, is perfect for nearly every home.

Single Derwent Light

Derwent Wall Light
Brudnizki’s Derwent wall mounted lighting units work best in pairs, thus doubling their symmetrical bow-shaped design. The luxurious, vintage design of hand blown reeded glass pinched with hand fabricated metal might as well have come straight out of the home of Jay Gatsby. Each light is made by hand, and therefore is a one-of-a-kind, versatile piece that can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit every taste and need.

Derwent Vanity Mirror
No luxury bathroom is complete without a show-stopping mirror. The rectangular, beveled Derwent vanity mirror matches the Ladybower basin perfectly and hangs beautifully between a pair of Derwent lights. Choose from brass, chrome, and nickel fittings to suit your particular taste and enjoy your matching, contemporary space.

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