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Case Study

Italian Summer Residence

South Tyrol, Italy

This case study was an individual project designed entirely by the owner without the help of an interior designer. It boasts a stunning view of the Dolomites which are the heart of the Alps that can be seen from the residence. In summer the view is extraordinarily picturesque covered in vivid green pastures.

Originally the house was a summer residential home to an Austrian Nobel family in the 1640s. The area in which it is built is part of the ‘summer village’ Maria Himmelfahrt (Maria Assumption) in the mountains, located near Bozen (Bolzano) in South Tyrol, in former times Austrian, now part of Italy.

The Village was populated by the Noblemen and women of Bozen. During the summer when the heat from the valley was unbearable in the town down below the (then) Austrian people would retreat to their sanctuary in the village where this residence is built.

The cool breezes and the open air on the outside of this summer residence are complimented by the warm rustic interior of the home.

Hand-painted wooden beams hang above the stone floor, and there’s a pleasing mixture of wooden elements from oak flooring and antique mahogany cabinets.

Warm tones are repeated throughout the home, including into the master bathroom where there are brass fittings that further build on the character

The built-in Baby Lomond skirted bathtub sits handsomely in the corner of the room complimented with the Deck mounted Classic bath and shower mixer.


Opposite, The Naver China Vanity basin stands gloriously with brass Bridge taps and a Hand towel ring accompanying it.

The bathroom encompasses many vintage pieces spread throughout the space, from the dark oak wooden deco bench, to the smaller details such as the sterling silver hairbrush and china vanity pot, accompanied with toiletries that sit on the Triple glass shelf.

The most modern addition to this bathroom is The Peck shower enclosure in complete brass to harmonise with all the other fittings, including its own Classic shower rose.