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Nestled away in the calm neighbourhood of Wimbledon, this stunning house offers lots of visual delights. This fantastic project was designed by Meraki Design. The whole design is very detail-oriented: layers of textures over materials over fabrics, for example the use of linens and velvets in the same tones so that it feels very soft and relaxing to the eye.  

“Watch the short film with Meraki Design here”

The master bathroom, which is a retreat unlike any others, is a very big space which is quite exciting for an interior designer in London. The designers wanted to give a spa feeling and a sense of luxury to the space- the sort of design you see on Pinterest and you want to have: a freestanding bath in a bay window with a chandelier above. They explain that the reason they have used Drummonds products is that because they are timeless and fit into this project superbly.

It is defined by an overall muted colour palette. The darker greys from the bath, marble and the brassware are counterbalanced by the softer greys from other components of the bathroom like the curtains and the marble. The grandeur of this bathroom is reinforced by the choice of singular and eye-catching designs such as the Morar bath, modern reinterpretation of the classic slipper bath and the imposing Thurso freestanding shower. The long curtains and chandelier add to this sense of spectacular and drama and put the spotlight on the bath.

The use of antique nickel gives an industrial modern vibe to the bathroom and creates a perfect contrast with the classic aesthetics of the marble and white wooden vanity. Point in case: the 5-bar wall mounted towel rail, a truly modern piece. Its sturdy lines complement the elegant feel of the Coll Lever taps and the Art Deco vibe of the Chessleton Floor Standing Bath & Shower Mixer.