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Case Study

Victorian Residence | Aberdeenshire, Scotland

by Braco Design

This lovelydetached Victorian-style home takes up residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and all of the bathrooms and kitchen were designed by Lee Collins by Braco Designs.

Aberdeenshire is made up of Scotland’s most celebrated towns and villages; it boasts several historical sites and is known to have been the setting for many films and TV series (Dr. WhoThe Dark Knight Rises, Brave and Zeffirelli’s Hamlet as examples).

The council features picturesque coastlines and charming seaside towns, with rugged cliffs and sandy bays. 

The house has all the makings of a modern property, with the addition of some classic design pieces placed meticulously throughout. This contrast brings a contemporary yet homely feel. 

There are two upstairs bathrooms, separated by a stunning bay window that allows light to flood in and create space.  

Firstly, a spare bedroom within the house has been transformed by the owner into a master bathroom, utilising the high ceilings and spectacular bay window. Featuring within this room is our copper Tyne bath tubA double Lowther stands opposite the glorious Tyne bath, adorned with rectangular tilt mirrors and double Derwent fluted shades, all in a timeless nickel finish.  

Adjacent, a large ensuite shower room was built in order to show off their glorious windows. This room features a large open shower using our Chessleton shower range.  

Downstairs there is a second shower room, which also features our Crake vanity basin (in Arabescato marble) and a Dunnet WC. This room is finished beautifully with charming antique tiles.  

The penultimate room being showcased is a gorgeously refined cloakroom containing a Drummonds Eden WC and Syre vanity basin, which utilises the small space efficiently. The sophisticated, antique tiles in this room complete the area wonderfully. 

Finally, a peek into the downstairs kitchenSitting directly under a glass skylight, yet another distinguishing, modern feature is the attractive marbletopped breakfast bar, which gives the  Victorian home its boundless character.