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Case Study

Royal Palm Residences Seychelles

by Leila Corbett

This luxurious home resides in Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago off the coast of East Africa.

Surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, the contemporary Palladian style villa is set in an exclusive private residential estate, boasting spacious airy rooms with high ceilings overlooking white sand beaches and blue ocean views.

Materials used for the property give it the tropical character; marble flooring, hardwood doors and solid copper roofs with flawless brickwork provide a contrast between old and new and the open plan windows generate the feeling of being outside while in.


The outside of the property features a stunning infinity pool, which overlooks the breath-taking greenery of the island.

The Tay is a centrepiece of the mosaic tiled bathroom with its own exclusive tropical view provided by the large window directly adjacent.

There is also a well-appointed outdoor shower surrounded by mahogany frames, creating a serene sanctuary surrounded by tropical flora.

Interior Designer:

Leila Corbett-Elwes


Alex Ellenberger | Locus Architects