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Case Study

Mid-Century Inspired Mayfair Apartment | London

by Steven Gambrel

Inspired by lobby interiors of mid-twentieth-century London, the master bathroom of this Mayfair apartment, designed by Steven Gambrel, showcases an intoxicating mix of warm materials, colours and textures.

Our antique brass fittings sit perfectly against the Verde Luana and Verde St Denis green marbles which adorn the bathroom walls. Chosen for their solidity and distinctive character, the Chessleton brassware brings a classic touch to this decorative space and adds to the dynamic, timeless feel of the bathroom.

Resting within the sculptural shower enclosure are two Floor Standing Shower Arms, complete with luxurious 300mm Shower Roses and Chessleton Shower Plates with elegant, china handles. The bespoke vanity unit frame, topped with the same swirling green marble which surrounds, is accompanied by Wall Mounted Coll Basin Taps.

All the elements of this bathroom have seamlessly come together to create a striking, stylish scheme designed to last the ages

The New York based interior designer Steven Gambrel, who is known for is sophisticated design has described it as a ‘found relic that you would never consider removing.’

Steven Gambrel has worked on several large projects all over the world from Manhattan, the Hamptons, to Zurich and Hong Kong, creating highly customised interiors and architectural details for each project.

Interior Design by: S.R. Gambrel, Inc.

Photography by Eric Piasecki