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15 Jun - Drummonds

The Evolution Of Our Bathtubs

In the early 90s, Drummonds, who quickly established itself as one of the best architectural antiques companies in the UK, restored one or two iconic original bath designs unlike any others such as an enormous freestanding ball and claw foot tub with an expansive roll. It was immediately snapped up by an American customer visiting the showroom. Seeing the clear appeal for this bath, Drummond Shaw decided to ask her if she would delay her delivery by a couple of months so we could take its form and make a very first original resulting in the Spey bath.

The shape evolved over time with customers preferring the skirted low-slung option creating yet another iconic design – the Tay – which was photographed in the most amazing context of Clarendon Park near Guildford to which was later damaged by fire very unfortunately. This design is perfect for tall people or a couple.

Then came the Usk tub, inspired by the the traditional French bateau bathtub, defined by its stunning shape and clean lines dropping down right close to the floor with a beautiful skirt.


Overtime this design has evolved to form two other spin-offs from its creation : the Wye, a larger and more sumptuous rolltop bath, and of course the Humber, with a a flatter top providing a great variety and character to the modern day bathroom.

As Drummonds has evolved, the variety of tubs has followed suit.

The next range of tubs were more compact and condensed designs fitting to the more modern requirements of bathing in tighter spaces, essentially smaller bathrooms. Drummonds’ focus was to create smaller versions of beautiful symmetric double-ended tubs. The Swale was born: a smaller and yet stunning design mimicking the Tay. The roll top has been scaled so that you have more space. This design was snapped up by properties essentially in London where space was an issue. The same mold with feet of the Swale is the Tamar.




the swale

However single-ended baths were also very important – a most comfortable option to people who want take a bath on their own. With Martin Brudnizki’s keen eye, the Wandle was created a couple of years ago and is a more subtle version of Clyde. This iconic design had its height reduced and kept clean lines.

Drummonds focuses today on stunning iconic designs perfect for modern bathing but which remain timeless and classic.  One of the most recent additions is the Bute- a drop sided bath tub resembling an old design whilst still forming a iconic masterpiece with its clean desirable lines. It has been requested for many iconic hotels and houses around the world.

There are often new and exciting pieces to be seen. The latest additions are both smart and ultra compact in order to cater to the reality of space limitations and when space is an absolute issue. This is why we have launched small tubs measuring no more than 1500mm or 1520mm such as the Ashburn and the Tweed.