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22 Jun - Interviews

Interview | An Inspirational Conversation With Tiffany Duggan

Featuring in the House & Garden’s Top 100 interior designers of 2018, Tiffany Duggan is a highly talented and creative interior designer who started her own studio in 2011. We love her eclectic vision characterised by a balance of old and new and a playful use of colours.



What’s the most important thing to know about you?

I believe in balance.  In my work, in my personal life and in all of our homes – it’s all about balance.

Would you say your background in set design and as an editorial stylist has influenced your approach to interior design?

Yes – absolutely!  I think every space should have a narrative. It’s so important that our homes tell the story of the people who live in them.  It’s our job to really get under the skin of our Clients to create spaces which are personal and a true reflection of who they are. In theatre, we spent a lot of time breaking down the character and imagining where they might live and what possessions they might have, so it has definitely all been a worthwhile journey.  Also, and perhaps more of an influence has been a need for drama; I love to clash styles – mixing form, scale and period in a way which feels unexpected and dramatic.

Do you have a key feature or element which your projects would never be complete without?

I love incorporating vintage pieces into a modern scheme and I think it’s this mix which defines our style.  Oh…and velvet – I do love velvet.

Where do you find inspiration?  Are there any specific places in London which influence you?

We look a lot to the past for inspiration and like to re-invent what has gone before in new and exciting ways. I have a ton of books and back issues of my favourite interiors magazines (…actually storage is becoming an issue!), but now with Instagram, Pinterest etc at our fingertips it really is easier than ever to get inspiration from anywhere if you’re feeling a lull.  I’m a born and bred Londoner so I tend to get more inspired by travelling to pastures new. I’m writing this on a mini break to Ibiza so naturally I now want to cloak everything in layers of rattan, rustic woods and white paint!

How do you combine aesthetics and practicality when designing a bathroom?

I like bathrooms to feel like living spaces – I’m really not a fan of cold, clinical bathrooms fully tiled with porcelain and gleaming chrome fittings.  We tend to start with the aesthetics and then consider how to incorporate the all-important practical requirements.  For example, we like to buy vintage mirrors and re-purpose them into concealed medicine cabinets.  Plants are a bathroom’s best friend and it’s these finishing touches which are so key to good bathroom design.

Do you have any colour rules when it comes to bathrooms?

None at all. Go wild.

What are your thoughts on interior trends?

We try to avoid passing trends as there is always the risk of creating something that will date both badly and quickly. Nevertheless, we are totally on board with the new rising trend which harks back to an older approach to decorating – mixing and matching to create truly unique, timeless interiors which stand the test of time.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my three children – my two wonderful boys, and my third child – Studio Duggan!